I am sharing with you La vine style Basque cheesecake recipe that is super easy to bake ... Basque Cheesecake Origin. Basque cheesecake is immensely popular, and while La Viña remains its place of origin… Instead, it is baked on a high temperature which leaves the outside firm, darker, and somewhat burnt, while the center remains gooey. This is my easy version of the famous Basque Burnt Cheesecake, originated by Chef Santiago Rivera of the La Vina Restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. Related … Basque cheesecake may look like a bungled home-ec project—cratered, blotchy, and scorched—but it’s this “Shrek factor” that makes the cake so beguiling. “It breaks all the rules of the porcelain-white, even-textured cheesecake [Americans] know,” says pastry chef Bea Vo, who’s based in London and has had La Viña’s cheesecake … The Basque Country's delicate cheesecake is also known as a "burnt cheesecake" because when it's made properly, the top of the dessert should actually be a dark brown color. Though It was not very popular until recently the Basque cheesecake … The cheesecake top comes out dark brown, nearly burnt … Its blackened top, surrounded by a flutter of burnt parchment paper, hides a center the texture of soft custard. Basque Cheesecake or burnt Basque cheesecake originated from Spain and it is so creamy, light and delicious with a caramelised top. Mix the ingredients and bake it in a parchment paper-lined pan at a high oven temperature.

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