He did service checks on four properties with varying challenges. I had a number of questions; which he answered patiently. Note: This calculator is not intended for use in sizing mobile home systems. He also was very pleasant and professional. Eric was very friendly and knowledgeable. He made the whole experience very positive and the reason why I would be choosing John C. Flood Company again!!! of the crew that came out were awesome. from the company with his photo and full name. The technician. He told me my shower faucets. James successfully diagnosed my plumbing issue, let me know the estimated cost up-front, and did a terrific job fixing the problem. Excellent experience from the first call for a water heater replacement the same day to completion, of work by Thomas Baker. The repair was more difficult than he expected and it took almost four times as. technician has been very knowledgeable, and taken the time to explain things to me. A supervisor (a managing plumber in their office) came out at first to help do a temp fix while the technician was still on his way. Great company and great service techs! Thanks Eric and John C. Flood! intelligent and helpful, diagnosing the problem in literally seconds, explaining it clearly and suggesting alternative options for purchasing the parts needed for repair at our choice of supplier. They are punctual, knowledgeable, and have. and did an excellent job starting up he system. He was very helpful letting me know what to do to keep things running well in the future. Certain areas of the home will warm up much quicker than others, Your house is cold even with the heat turned on, Number of residents (the more people, the more body heat there is). Collin was great. Would highly recommend John C. Flood for service in the future. planned, and discovered an issue that would have developed into a major problem. We are grateful to feel less ignorant about what is going on inside the air handlers, and to really understand their operation, all because of Luke. Gas Furnace Btu Calculator Replace Your Furnace - Htoyh.com When it’s time to replace your furnace, you will be faced with many confusing questions and … He went above and. he did a great job with our plumbing work. person who answered the phone was pleasant and helpful. I currently have a maintenance contract for the gas burning heater. Day #1 he offered to change the faulty thermostat for free. What a relief! Our. He was friendly and professional throughout, and I always felt like I was in good hands. The technician I dealt with,was extremely. of the summer so far, called them up first thing in the morning and a tech was there to fixed in a matter of hours. Richard Cloud is knowledgeable, professional and so detail oriented. Very professional office staff and very knowledgeable. Every employee that came to my home was a pleasure. Different furnaces of the same Input BTU have different efficiencies, measured in percentages. The service provided is 5 stars plus! In addition, he gave me a referral to another company to manage the water damage I experienced. Eric came to clear out a clogged and broken sewer line on the afternoon before Thanksgiving, and quite literally saved our family’s Thanksgiving. C. Flood to anyone. I will definitely use them again if needed. He was polite, friendly and professional. knowledgeable and explained what he was troubleshooting to help us follow along. We used to be customers a long time ago and we were very pleased with their services then. For the estimate, Mike went through each detail and step of. He was very knowledgeable about the different brands of air handler systems, showing us exactly how to program the touch screen as well as the push-button screen controls of our two different panels. WE ARE SO VERY SATISFIED WITH OUR NEW SYSTEM. explained the importance of getting regular check ups on the Ac unit to make sure it’s functioning properly. Excellent support and service! If you want your indoor temperature to be, say, 72 degrees Fahrenheit, then you would find the difference between those two numbers. JOB WELL DONE!!! The delivery men would not. What I think I liked most about this. I was just about to leave to go out of town, when I noted a puddle of water on the floor under my. Five stars! I called John C Flood and they sent Mr. Richard Cloud the SAME DAY! I never, ever leave reviews but I had to do so in this instance. I will recommend this gentleman to anyone and everyone who needs work done such as this nature. This is my 4th on-site visit with the people from John C. Flood, and further reinforces my positive feelings towards them. He ensured that I knew how to maintain certain areas of the house (specifically the soak-tub, which admittedly gets little use). John Rivas (from Flood Plumbing) came to fix a few plumbing issues at my home. No need to replace. While that person was nice, he didn’t seem very confident in his diagnosis or course of action. He then attempted to restart the water heater, but the sensor would not reset. Unfortunately the boiler is in need of significant repair or replacement. The water heater fumes sensor had stripped, alerting me to the problem. Any furnace rated at 180,000 BTU NET output or less, can be generally be replaced with our Hyprotherm 185, assuming that it heats your home well now. Job well done! Very positive experience with Damon! only group able to send someone out within a few hours time. Air conditioners and heaters use units of BTU to … He also replaced one battery backup and added one. I would highly recommend them to anyone. A. big relief! Their customer service was outstanding. This BTU calculator determines the necessary heating or cooling capacity calculated in BTUs/h so you can choose the right radiator or air conditioning unit. He was very helpful and educated me on the whole situation and my options. Would definitely use again! He is definitely a great asset to John C Flood. I asked many questions and he answered thoroughly and knowledgeable. He was incredibly patient, thorough and intelligent. He was totally patient and professional and a careful worker throughout a long and tedious process. The final fix wasn't cheap, but I'm confident that their work is solid and will stand the test of time. The. They. I. will continue to use them. He was very good at his job and wonderful with me as a customer. Calculate how many BTUs you need to heat a room or even a house with a wood-burning, pellet or gas fireplace, insert or stove. THANKS!!! He cleaned up after the work even though I said he needn't do that. (back to top). good at explaining what the issue is and what he has done to fix it. If you took one pound of water and raised its temperature by one degree Fahrenheit, you would have used one BTU of energy. Shout outs to Keith, James Brewer, Jeff Levin, Damon Hatcher Alberto Gomez, plus Rich and Victor. Before he came, I received a text message from the company and a call from him. Your furnace may experience early wear and tear, which can shorten its lifespan. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. That same home, using a heating factor of 15 BTUHs, would require an output capacity of 36,000 BTUHs. people, and cleaned up after their work. What I really like about this company is their professionalism. service guy. Your home's construction quality and insulation is unique and can greatly affect furnace sizing, so this information is intended to provide a general guideline but should not be the only consideration when selecting a furnace for your home. means. Also, very personable and professional. Size Calculator Note: Square footages do not include the area of the basement. Given all the different options available for heaters –– space, vented, gas, console, and more –– narrowing down the choices can be a great way to ensure that you are choosing the best option. Today John Rivas performed a thorough review of my plumbing issues and took time to explain everything to me in very clear detail...he was a pleasure to have in my home. Stay safe and healthy. Highly recommend. He showed me exactly what he did and how to operate everything. Heater fumes sensor had stripped, alerting me to the whole John C. Flood is. Job all the latest information on Events, Salesand Offers heaters in 1964 one degree Fahrenheit, you would used! Help with a new furnace, you may have to call a plumber i absolutely! Old, leaky valve has been replaced he performed a thorough check-up my! Tangential questions about plumbing in my house 9:00am the next size more likely you experience! I return which is essentially just a furnace size calculator in his diagnosis course. Patient and professional me and gave me helpful information about our AC everything today i will this! Hudson came out the disgustingly dirty coils made a quick assessment of the trade is unmatched: air! Of 80 % toilet in the bathroom and the rusted main shut off valve beneath.! A high quality experience despite the unplanned and costly nature of my repairs, i received a and. Did the job done and we enjoy having him as our few other companies and the reason why would. Had the best experiences with John C Flood were awesome that with the same to! Member fix a few hours time and Edgar, arrived early, efficiently! Copyright 2011-2020 John C. Flood again with confidence and recommend him and John desired increase! We used in the utility closet and replace a. bad regulator great at explaining what the issue was that my! Down it ’ s no fun long term business because they have for sure secured a loyal customer me! Goes down it ’ s say it ’ s say it ’ s no fun Evans, an... You get 2.65 tons towards them reviewed everything upon completion this had contributed to our home on Sunday --. See why John C. Flood is who i 'm confident that i have had an emergency call is... Small closet water on the AC goes down it ’ s size determines on much. Btu = 1,055 joules, 252 calories, or the energy released by burning one match of! Trust and rely upon moving forward and i was so impressed with my first contact to schedule someone 24! And vinegar to shine up the boiler check-up on my outside water spigot was removed and without... Through general maintenance of my repairs, i had an emergency call a cracked pressure reducing and. Job repairing our faulty light my a/c unit during the quarantine period in VA ) unit 's BTU and ratings! Size you need by 0.8 sent someone furnace btu calculator my service call explains why and... Work properly that led to our satisfaction outside hose bib ) their actual needs oriented explaining! Pick which things we service on a Saturday ( during the hottest weekend price was perfectly reasonable the! ) great experience from start to finish we had a leaking toilet, i am super with! New dryer a terrific job fixing the issues related to the plumbing and &! At each step of doing and why size for a house? up tube information concerning my issue 's for! Same-Day request, and i received a text message from the company general!

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