The removal of four dams along the California-Oregon border is crucial to the Yurok and Karuk tribes, the Klamath's salmon runs and the river itself. Copco No. Associated Press File Copco No. Gavin Newsom, Oregon Gov. About 80,000 homes and businesses in southern Oregon would lose the cheap, clean hydroelectric power that comes from the power generation plants on the Klamath River dams. California Governor Gavin Newsom, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, leaders of the Yurok and Karuk Tribes, and Berkshire Hathaway-owned PacifiCorp announced an agreement to provide additional resources and support to advance the removal of four Klamath River dams and hydroelectric powerhouses. The removal of the lower four dams won't affect them directly, but they worry it could set a precedent for dam removal on the Klamath. The Klamath River dam removal project will demolish four of the lower river's southernmost dams, which were originally built on the southern Oregon-Northern California border at the beginning of 1918 — not for flood prevention — but for power generation, according to Oregon Live.For several years, environmentalists and tribes alike have been hoping to tear them down, and now, their … Removal of the Klamath Dams would interrupt existing natural pollution mitigation in the lakes by the green-algae that require the lakes as habitat. Copco No. “The river is sick, and the Klamath Basin tribes are suffering,” Newsom wrote. 2 Dam spans the Klamath River near Hornbrook, Calif. The salmon runs of the Klamath River, which were once the third largest in the nation, are now in significant decline. 1 Dam on the Klamath River near Hornbrook, Calif., is one of four dams slated for removal. Tribal leaders are one step closer to Klamath River restoration and dam removal after reaching a new agreement with government officials and the owner of the Klamath dams… 1 Dam on the Klamath River near Hornbrook, Calif., is one of four dams slated for removal. Associated Press File Copco No. The deal, which would be the largest dam demolition project in U.S. history, relies on a delicate calculus: The power company that operates the Klamath River dams will transfer its … “The Klamath River dam removal project is a shining example of … Decades of political conflict over the fate of four obsolete dams on the Klamath River reached a turning point last week with a multi-party, two-state “memorandum of understanding” to remove them in hopes of restoring salmon runs.. California Gov. Kate Brown, heads of two Indian tribes that depend on the river for sustenance, and an executive of Warren … Once completed, this will be the largest dam demolition in U.S. history, and will dramatically increase salmon numbers, providing lasting benefits to Klamath Basin communities, particularly the Karuk and Yuruk tribes. The largest dam removal project in U.S. history came one step closer to fruition this week, as California issued permits for breaching the four dams on the Klamath River. Removal of the Klamath River dams – one in Oregon and three in California – have been lauded by tribes, the states and environmental advocates as a necessary step in restoring river … The project, when completed, will address declines in fish populations, improve river … 2 Dam spans the Klamath River near Hornbrook, Calif.

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