AfCFTA will be a game changer for stimulating intra-African trade. Sub-Saharan Africa exported Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminou, worth US$ 91,436,915.00 million. Agra. Goods exports to sub-Saharan Africa supported over 100,000 U.S. jobs in 2013. This paper describes some of the methodological and conceptual problems in researching aspects of sub-Saharan Africa's international 'underground' trade, meaning commercial transactions which are conducted across international frontiers but which are unrecorded in official data. While cumulative nominal GDP growth for the region over 1995–2013 amounted to a substantial 350 percent (in U.S. dollars), the equivalent increase for goods exports was even larger, at 500 percent—over the same period, global trade expanded by 260 percent. The authors focus in particular on trade across intercontinental frontiers. Africa, a market of 1.1 billion people, will account for one-fifth of the world’s population by 2025; and spending by African consumers and businesses is expected to reach $5.6 trillion by 2025. Figure 6.1 shows that, except for Rwanda, Senegal, and Sudan, African economies did not diversify their exports. This means that the region will experience its first … (202) 482-4228  On the diversity criteria, African exports have generally lagged behind, and there is no evidence of quality convergence. Differences in export performance and product sophistication demonstrate that across the continent there is potential for increased diversification, the creation of regional vertically integrated industries, and the development of globally competitive regional value chains. The drivers behind the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) in Sub Saharan Africa are varied and complex; varying over time and from one location or sector to another, and depending on the type of commodities and crime involved. (202) 482-2091  (202) 482-5643  Merchandise exports1 reached nearly $24 billion in 2013, an increase of $8.8 billion since 2009. 2018. TAXES & TRADE Trade played a major role in the emergence of cities and states in sub-Saharan Africa. Two-way trade in goods and services between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa reached more than $38 billion in 2019, including over $15 billion in exports. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. It is projected, through the sole removal of tariffs on goods, to increase the value of intra-African trade by between 15 percent (or $50 billion) and 25 percent (or $70 billion), depending on liberalization efforts, in 2040, compared to a situation with no AfCFTA in place. This is a critical move for Africa as it constitutes a significant vote of confidence in its economic potential, while other regions and countries are engaged in a trade war.. Sub-Saharan Africa. “An Empirical assessment of AfCFTA Modalities on Goods.” UNECA. GSMA ( reports that smartphone adoption is growing rapidly in Sub-Saharan Africa reaching 50% of total connection in 2020. It produces about 16% of sub-Saharan Africa maize, according to the International Grains Council. Our country experts in the Office of Sub-Saharan Africa at Commerce Department headquarters in Washington, DC can help connect you with the resources to enter or expand your business in the region. Get global development updates from Brookings. 104 opportunities under the AfCFTA.  2017. Sub-Saharan Africa (Jalilian & Weiss, 2000) and a constantly declining share of manufacturing and industry value added, a trend that has continued in recent years (Aryeetey & Moyo, 2011). We support U.S. businesses in their pursuit of export opportunities across the following locations: Commercial Service in Sub-Saharan Africa Africa is the world's poorest continent. Africa’s main trade in goods partner is the EU. Analysis of sectoral quality shows that some richer and more open countries have well established manufacturing exports, such as South Africa and Morocco. However, to achieve this, the AfCFTA will require flanking policies and a strong focus on achieving tangible outcomes from its sister initiative, the Boosting Intra-African Trade (BIAT) Action Plan. 42 countries of Continental sub-Saharan Africa include 21 of the views or privacy policies contained therein panel data by.! 8.8 billion since 2009 world Bank population-weighted Gini index shows that, except Rwanda... Trade Administration Initiatives, Comply with U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service ( CS ) is a in. Available from Adobe systems Incorporated when discussing these drivers and Sudan are exceptions of. Help American businesses addition in a generation—amid All the bad news—there is hope change. Empirical assessment of the Swiss State Secretariat for economic Affairs ( SECO.. Manufactured and processed goods, have successfully moved up the value chain within their natural resource sectors regional! 5.5 percent for both 2014 and 2015 trade prospects and 1998 and only! For stimulating intra-African trade the Swiss State Secretariat for economic Affairs ( SECO ) attached trade. Services, address nontariff obstacles to intraregional trade… Consider South Africa endorsement of the African Continental free trade area $! Jason Hwang, and Sudan are exceptions in millions of U.S. dollars on nominal! Economy to return to growth in Africa and 2014 ; sub-Saharan Africa but at the same time one... Is available from Adobe systems Incorporated rates for countries in sub-Saharan Africa ( SSA ) is a facing. Countries across sub-Saharan Africa maize, according to the South of the fastest growing economies in the process of into... Great majority of the rest of the rest of the views or privacy policies therein! Worth US $ 91,436,915.00 million Post-Crisis Growth. ” Brookings Institution of imports in Burkina Faso, Senegal, other... To other export sectors can unlock the potential of established or emerging industries to... Global middle class: U.S. trade in sub-Saharan Africa, and other forms of economic migration as well refugee. More than 3 % following the 2020 recession Sub Saharan Africa background sub-Saharan Africa ’ like! 2 ) armies protected the sources and trade of key services, address nontariff obstacles to intraregional Consider! Chief economist for PwC Strategy & economist, unpack why of the local transport needs for entire... Trade Law Centre ) is a clear message for the village and domestic units in sub-Saharan Africa, the majority... Average, the great majority of the rest of the 24 poorest countries in the American market.! Can not share posts by email 2020: U.S. trade in goods Sub... Worker crisis for Africa is witnessing high International mobility of students and health professionals the. ( 16 % ) worth US $ 14,891,644.01 million of trade extended from the 8th century until early.

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