Take the butter in a vessel, pour milk over it and place the vessel in hot water for the butter to melt Ingredients. To use a stovetop pressure cooker, you'll need to remove the gasket and whistle and monitor the temperature by checking it regularly to make sure it … 15ml milk. 1 cup sugar. 3 eggs. 3tsp vanilla essence 10 gm butter. ¾ cup maida. ¼ cup coco powder. Pour a glass of water in a cooker and put on low flame to pre-heat. Chocolate Chip Brownie Cake in the Pressure Cooker Posted on 2019-06-02 2019-10-31 by Tyler We were a bit smitten with ourselves after making this recipe, Chocolate chip brownie cake in the Pressure Cooker. 5. Another important thing to remember is, do NOT add any water to the Preparation. For an electric pressure cooker, mix your favorite cake batter together and spread it into a prepared pan that fits into your pressure cooker. 1 tsp baking powder.

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