You can buy cheap garbage acrylic racks online for $80 bucks, hand made wooden racks for $300-$400, or gross looking spice rack spinning machines for $50 which hold 30 bottles. When Julep averages at $14 for 0.27 fl oz and MAC $16 for 0.34 fl oz, do you know which brand is more expensive? The participants’ labia majora were both an average of 8.1 centimeters long (about the size of a bottle of nail polish), with a range of 4.0 to 11.5 centimeters. Empty full size nail polish bottles to make your own frankenpolish! 3) The nail palette is larger than most people's nails but let's assume that's the typical size (by making it bigger we err on the side of caution anyway) Nail polishes often come in various sizes though the standard size appears to be 0.5 fl oz (Opi, China Glaze, Essie, etc). 1) The test bottle has a volume of 5ml. We are going now going to pretend that every nail polish brand comes in the exact same bottle with the exact same size (1 fl oz or 29.5 ml). ;) But I personally think the prices should be more equal to the sizes. This universal polish bottle handle is ergonomically designed for a comfy grip - to help you get that salon-quality mani every time. Pop this handle on top of your favorite polish to make painting your own nails easier, prettier, and better than ever before. I've spent countless hours (okay maybe 45 minutes) searching the internet looking for a storage solution for all my nail polish bottles (I have 72 total). This travel-friendly nail polish bottle easily slips into your purse, luggage or makeup bag, so that you’ll always have your favorite nail polish at the tip of your fingers. Fact is, nail polish junkies can easily go with 7 ml bottles, in average, since we usually don't tend to empty one bottle of polsih. Now you dont have to buy dozens or hundreds of bottles to try your hand at making your own indie nail polish or frankenpolish This bottle comes completely assembled with glass 15 ml bottle, cap, brush and two stainless steel mixing 2) A typical manicure consists of 2 applied coats of nail polish.

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