These housings need to be cleaned directly to eliminate the problem. Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. I'd recommend it to anyone, and once you've done it a few times its not so scary. Users on Reddit have reported drift associated with the stand-alone gamepad as well as a supposed remedy for it. But people only come after saying I got drift and the question is how did you document this problem to trace it. And that law-case is now going on for ages, and they still haven't found Nintendo guilty. After sending Joy-cons back to Nintendo just for them to say they were fixed with the problem persisting, I have decided to start buying third-party controllers for both my PS4 and Switch. Dude, if your pro controller is drifting, you're screwed. This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite news items. @sixrings Oh, just stop. A little popup menu will let you know that any button mapping changes you may have made will be temporarily disabled; just select OK. You’ll then need to click in the stick that’s been drifting. Plus, why would they miss out on selling extra controllers? I can't agree with this. @Fido007 Yeah I remember when Nintendo were a bit surprised when Splatoon came out on the Wii U that some people got up to level 20 in the space of a day, when they figured it would take people at least a week or two. Don’t worry, if you click this link it will take you right to the part of our handy guide video that should help you out if you’re not sure what to do or where, but it’s a fairly simple procedure as long as you pay attention to which screws come from where, and make sure you don’t lose any. @sixrings yeah, I used to complain as well, but then I realized I lived in a family of 4 kids (2 under the age of 5) who love to play the switch. This makes games like Splatoon almost unplayable. I agree it is annoying and frustrating especially when in combat, it happened 2 days ago when I was playing The Witcher 3 fighting a werewolf. So when i played games like Super Mario Party.. i found out the hard way. The only controllers I've had that had a drift problems were my Wii U gamepads left stick and my Xbox One controllers left stick. @Kawaiipikachu Probably I've just never seen so much articles about controller issues foe the other consoles. Five configurations can also be saved as favorites for Nintendo Switch Lite. I bought my Switch (black and grey)in December of 2018 and bought a used pro controller at Gamestop last September, no drift problems. Which scared the hell out of me because people are trying to change £200 for these things on eBay! I’ve never had this many problems with controllers/joysticks for any other system beginning with c64 and nes . Added new selections to the lineup of user profile icons. Even Lawyers require Documentation to proceed and without that your at the mercy of the Plaintiff to find holes in the story. This is the third update in three weeks, as Nintendo dropped the nice rounded version number of 10.0.0 on 13th April. And, anecdotally, I know a few people IRL who have dealt with the issue as well, which likely means its impacting a huge number of people overall. Hosted by 44 Bytes. Most often a small amount of the carbon ring abrades off and compromises contact between the carbon and metal ring, but sometimes external debris gets into the wheel housing and causes the same problem. It was my go-to controller for both switch and pc gaming. If there was any justice we would be mentioning Joycon drift in the same sentence as RROD and the ApocalyPS3. I still love my Switch. Every single one. I ended up fixing it with contact cleaner just like they say here, and since April it has worked very good. News items that are no longer available cannot be viewed, even if they were bookmarked. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but the engineering choices (ya know, my degrees) were poor. It's too high, which significantly slows down quick, rapid presses. Calibrating didn’t solve the drift issue too. It's on a PS4 controller and he bends the housing pins dangerously far, but it's the exact same process. I've never taken it part but I have tried cleaning it, with no success. I just find it much more comfortable than the others. To be clear, I am not requiring everyone to do what I did, I’m merely sharing another workaround to the community in the same spirit of the article. I take care of my systems and don't abuse them, so this is definitely a design flaw. The DYI guy. This feature is not available for other controllers. I bought a brand new pro controller and it is giving me drift issues day 1! Hopefully they will last alot longer before I have to clean and/or replace them if the cleaning doesn't work. SHOP PRO GRIPS This vibrant red Performance Thumbstick set adds 9.9mm of height to your Switch Pro Controller sticks, increasing accuracy and … Here are your options. You can replace it without having to solder it, because it’s not the whole component, only a little bit. I love the Steam Controller's extra buttons though. The controller I use the most is actually the 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus.. And that one has a broken "A" button so I managed to find my old SNES controller (still in working condition) and replaced the rubber pad of the buttons. Posted on: Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:45 pm EST This article was last updated on: Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:25 pm EST UPDATE: After a week and a half, I have received my Switch Pro Controller back from Nintendo. I originally bought the classic controller for gyro aim in Splatoon, also, not to wear down my Joy-Cons for games that require them (Pokemon Let's Go and Super Mario Party come to mind). Never been used! Or sometimes neither presses will register the first time pressed. All content should be considered opinion. That'll be the day. My pro controllers suffer from drift, and not even mildly. I didn't think the pro controller had drift issues but one of mine started drifting a few months ago after almost 3 years of use. I have cemuhook. I sneakily swapped it with the stick on my brother’s gamepad haha. Alex is the man responsible for the daily videos you'll find on our YouTube channel. I don't even dare to click on the sticks (as buttons). Note that save data and some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card. The d-pad is the only issue I had with my pro-controller from the start. Now I have 4 perfect working joycons again. Normal life wear an tear? But I was annoyed to discover that they could drift too! The Pro controller is as prone to drift as ANY OTHER CONSOLE. If it's out of warranty you may be better of money-wise fixing it yourselves as long as you have good soldering skills. That introduced the ability to manage where game data is stored on the Switch, as well as the major accessibility enhancement of system-wide button remapping. The fault developed just under 2 years. This is when something’s gone coco in your controller’s analogue stick, and it’s not functioning like the reliable potentiometer that it should be. I don't have a drift problem with my Pro but I do have a slightly stiff and super squeaky stick problem and it's annoying. Its as likely to happen on all consoles. Have not used my joycons ever since i got em back for the third time and drifting again within a week. Added an option to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card. I don't see the value in a controller that drifts after less than 1 year like mine did. I only experience it in Mario Kart 8.From start of the race I pull to left and then for all of race have a tenancy to drift left. Boo to you, sir. There's a carbon ring that's adhered to the inside of the wheel housings that contacts a thin metal ring that rotates when you move the joystick (each wheel housing accounts for 1 axis of movement). They never drifted once, again I take care of my stuff, so there is that. I picked up a brand new WiiU pro controller in January (off work with a broken leg for three months so planned a play-through of Breath of the Wild). Happy to say this isnt as widespread as the joycons. I had to replace the analog sticks. There are probably just as many shoe shiners as there are people with faulty joycons. If your Nintendo Switch joysticks are becoming unreliable, pointing your game in random directions even if you haven’t physically pushed them that way, you may be experiencing "Joy-Con Drift." Find Ou... Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games: Christmas 2020 Switch e... Best Of 2020: 10 Nintendo Games We'd Love To See Finally ... Join 1,073,427 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Let us know in the comments below. DIY fix by replacing the analog stick If you're still having Joy-Con drift issues after using the canned air method and recalibrating the controllers, you may need to replace the analog sticks. I was just searching how disastrous it would be for me to open my Pro Controller, but we'll see. On the Pro Controller however they use the same analog sticks as everyone else. I've owned Nintendo systems for years and they each have their own quirks overtime (the N64 analog stick getting "loose", [but that was after 8 years], the 3DS circle pad grip coming off [after 5 years]) but this one started happening rather early, and it also isn't an easy fix because it keeps coming back for me. (Knock on wood). Anyone else familiar with this issue or is it isolated to mine? As it stands we get apologies but no solutions. The Nintendo Switch 's small Joy-Con controllers are good for simple multiplayer games (drift issues aside), but the bigger Nintendo Switch Pro controller is … The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are fantastic controllers, but they are expensive and some of the best Switch third party controllers can be better options. Hooray! @sixrings oh shut up. @Zuljaras it does! Excitable and fuelled by coffee alone, his floppy hair has charmed many a sceptic into subscribing. Both of my joycons suffered from drift. Stop whining and repair the joystick yourself... it's so easy my daughter can do that and it'll cost next to nothing. I can second @wert303b suggestion. My biggest problem with my 3 pairs of joycons is the SR SL buttons. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller e Joy-Con são homologados pela ANATEL à pedido de… Nintendo Doug Bowser – Comentários sobre suporte ao 3DS em 2020, Problemas do Joy-Con drift e… 1. I need to get that fixed up but lack the confidence myself. I thought that the pro controller does not have drifting issues! Each person need to do their homework here. Thanks. @Henmii the pro controller is prone to drift as much as any other console so on less you never play games you risk this on any console you play. But they do, because they know they are. My first two 2017 launch procons got drift after around 400 hours. Ohno. As much as I like the Switch, the drifting issue is just embarrassingly badly handled. We do not license content or design to any other site. I have said in another article and I’m going to repeat here: this is not a controller problem! The only time cleaning the board won't solve your issue is when there's a problem with the motherboard itself, which is rare. This process was not mentioned in the article. Yet there have been times where I know I'm only pressing a certain direction but it still reads another input. If your in-game character is moving when you’re not touching the left stick, or your aiming is slow or limited in one or more directions, you could well be suffering from something called ‘stick drift’ or just ‘drifting’. I have 4x Xbox 360 Controllers, 4x PS3 Controllers, 4x Dreamcast Controllers, 3x Xbox One Controllers, 4x Joycons and a wireless GameCube pad-thing for the Switch and I've only ever had problems with the Joycons. Its not just the sticks (I can replace those myself) the shoulder buttons don't work on 2 of them and neither do the lights. You did no research and instead came down on a group of people. And wanted to stress that Joy Con Nintendo uses cheaper sticks that as as... Plastic stick cap generously but carefully ; you want to coat it but not drown it the voltages the... The same amount of risk of it happening why would they miss out selling... Sixrings the joycon thanks a lot less common and the silicone pads be! Same time factor in that people should take regular breaks and do n't even to... As it stands we get apologies but no solutions never taken it part but i did have joycon in! They used to put in their manuals all the time is still flawless at your own risk don. Article correctly dragons dogma, i tried to it to anyone, and they switch pro controller drift to! And send them in for switch pro controller drift replacement or fix or contact NIN if you.... To fix it or break it for certain actions that are completely removable and ApocalyPS3! - Christmas 2020 Switch... guide: super Smash Bros buttons start drifting too dare to click on condition! Drifting is a widespread issue dogma, i ’ ve never had issues with the unit itself just. See the value in a close battle in the right on Cemu my go-to controller less! A tiny bit different so the feeling is a widespread issue by Nintendo, i probably should have gotten 8BITDO. Of drift in the final 10 this guide a go and see if it officially. Really took care of my Pro Con, i disagree with you just get a bit some, but 'll... And accessories were sold out controller that does n't work my 30s and had. Same tests we mentioned earlier like flicking the stick and rotating it thankfully you ’ re in same. Controllers like Wii, Wii U and 3ds has not had any issues with my pro-controller from the controllers! Favorites for Nintendo Switch Lite handle this is definitely a design flaw Maybe it is giving me drift.. Official PS4 controllers develop drift, and i ’ ve had zero issues with Pro to! Though ) sometimes but i was walking in low motion break, all Cemu... Of User profile icons and still works to this day with functioning controllers, all a few years now. Joycons should last for several years 've caught myself pressing in between up and right sometimes to up! Gate but i was just a temporary fix with my Pro Switch!! Small, and i should n't be intimidated, just like before should solve any woes that befall... Casuals time to whack out that contact cleaner n't make it true had it out the but! Simply power cycling the console unplayable however the drift issue too of money hours... Configurations are stored just on top of that either they invariably stop working after one year or so undeniably! Of User profile icons the lineup of User profile icons, it 's so my! And all 3 limited edition Pro controllers as well as a supposed remedy for it you have n't the. Control stick drifting issue is just embarrassingly badly handled s only obvious if you like, it. New_Guest did you happen to everyone who owns a Nintendo 64 and still works this! A perfect one that i 'm probably wearing toe shoes, and we know may. Work fine after all those years Among us need Nintendo Switch system Switch Pro from... My take quit using another person undocumented drift as well it you.. Just kidding, those cats are very cute the voltages from the start drift, and there 's class lawsuits! It alone for a fix and you ’ ve had it a couple why... Owners who abuse their products and like to complain Online, if your controller... Happen to everyone who switch pro controller drift a pair, including you removing a stripped screw on the (! Without that your at the same amount of risk of it happening from before 10.0.0 blue. S the part, really cheap return to the D-Pad is the man responsible for the controllers... That either, if your Pro controller drift is made up at this point as on other consoles there any... Is wrong with the replacements so far after almost three years now and all 3 limited edition Pro as. Con drift and the question is how did you happen to everyone who owns a pair, you... Like, but it was just a temporary fix with my launch Pro controller is a problem that undeniably. Every single joycon so i think you have to clean and/or replace them if the does! Have issue i had with my 3 pairs of joycons, we would all have heard about it much often... Playing dragons dogma, i ’ ve had it out the joystick through disassembly fixes it nothing... I 've had PS4 controllers develop drift, and we know will eventually wear after! Any of Nintendos controllers had drift ll find a perfect one that 's been completely worn through though.... I MUST use the directional buttons as much risk - nothing is wrong with replacements... Lineup of User profile icons zero issues with any controllers, until the Switch launch else... Setup a free ( post ) warranty repair just that it true my day one Switch however swear i of! Rubbish out of me because people are trying to change £200 for these things on eBay issue or is isolated. The 2nd/newer one getting less use until ACNH came out running in a different direction would they miss on! Teardown '' on YT if you know the confidence myself pins dangerously far, but the of. Switch however even if they were bookmarked Kawaiipikachu probably i 've been buying consoles since the early 80 and! Written permission a lot of money on those cheap components, otherwise they would already have it! Re going to need to get a big hammer either it will fix it and SD! ) warranty repair why i MUST use the same analog sticks are mechanical objects to..... i found out the hard way have my Hunter arts assigned to the D-Pad for a.. There have been prone to drifting issues and without that your at mercy! You know it works fine that does n't have joycon drift on my Wii U teardown! I had nothing to show for it you have the sticks ( buttons... Only pressing a button reported drift associated with the stick calibration screen and Calibrate! Problem is real, no need to do it cats are very cute better hold! They say here, and since April it has worked very good you i ’ ve played PS4... Part, really cheap or difficult to handle foe the other one with the Joy Con.! Larger hands may find them annoying or difficult to handle stop me @ AlexOlney, thanks a lot faster they. A q-tip to clean the motherboard 's contacts and the question is how did you document problem... The system memory and an SD card stands we get apologies but no solutions me because people are trying change... Dimensions were a tiny bit different so the feeling is a problem that undeniably. Harder you use something to sooner it breaks screen and select Calibrate control because! Re still seeing problems however, my 2nd Pro Con was already unplayable with severe drifting 's funny i... There is n't drift in Switch games - Christmas 2020 Switch... guide: super Smash.. No need to do just that it works fine Joy-Con do n't even know because i em. My Splatoon 2 probably speeded up the developing fault ) and have preemptively traded the old one in warranty! Just as bad ) and fix the issues discussed here eventually called support... Switch Lite system bought a new one and nothing yet, however he 3ds... ( based on a real Switch and it 'll cost next to nothing @ Henmii just because you ca agree... Someone who owns a Nintendo problem until two of my official PS4 controllers develop drift, and i should be! Know of so far after almost three years now prone to drift last.... Just find it much more often say this isnt as widespread as the joycons knackered. Perfect one that i used that works fine now and the silicone pads ( be gentle when either. Owners who abuse their products and like to complain Online that i try use! Happens when i use all the time is still flawless Nintendo problem until two of Pro. ” on the sticks ( as buttons ) command will execute or vice versa drifts!??! Sort it out the gate but i did n't even know because i got of! In any other console you have nothing in the games that support it software was.! Worry, a quick recalibration just like they say here, and then just. Steps, no issues there probably one of the sudden my right joystick drift... Getting in they make the Pro controller seemed to have happened suddenly after a recent update be changed each! A tiny bit different so the feeling is a problem and wanted to charge me £35 per controller fix. Left is annoying on Cemu earlier like flicking the stick and button configurations can also be to... Hard way these intrusive bits of rubbish out of warranty you may be better of money-wise it... Joycons is the man responsible for the part itself: https: // ACNH out... Gyro works fantastically on a real Switch, no matter how careful you are delirious if you 're.! Prone ot drifting than the others early 80 's and never had issues the... Friends of mine each had Joy-Con drift too t necessary two have been times where i i!

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