Third, if you play guitar, you are free to try several Martin models to your hearts content. The top mounting hole is in the correct location, but the bottom is slightly off. From there, you can narrow down the options based on your budget and style until you find the perfect fit. Some Martins have vintage style open back tuners that look similar to Waverlys, but they have slightly different specs so direct replacement is impossible. Martin has implemented stringent personal protection and distancing protocols that align with the recommendations of the CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines. After your tour of the factory, stop by the Martin Guitar Museum and the 1833 Shop. We appreciate your loyalty and wish you and your families all the best of health during these challenging times. It looks like C.F. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, ordered all non-essential business to cease in-person work because of the coronavirus. Please be aware that Martin Guitar and all of our facilities remain closed to the public, including the factory, Visitor Center, Martin Museum, 1833 Shop, and Guitar Makers Connection located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Martin Guitar Specs Some people like to know all of the technical details that make up a great Martin guitar . I’m sure it takes a while to … Martin guitars are prized for their tone, consistency, quality, and attention to handcrafted detail. Martin Guitar is a world-wide manufacturer of quality musical instruments.
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      In early March, all of Martin Guitar’s facilities were mandated by the state of Pennsylvania to close in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Well i finally made a trip to the factory today. Our factory tour will enable you to witness first hand the craftsmanship that goes into each and every Martin guitar. For more information: Martin Guitars In fact, the Martin Guitar factory tour doesn’t just let you go on the factory floor, but lets you get very close to the artisans hand-crafting the guitars. And you can too, as the Martin custom shop is open to everyone. The guitar company has already drawn up a required plan for complying with the CDC edicts, so getting back to business should be relatively speedy once the county’s status changes. Such waivers can be granted at any time. Please contact. As if the museum and factory tour aren’t enough to lure you to Nazareth, they also have about a dozen or so guitars (and a ukulele) set out in the lobby. We are not open at this time for drop-offs or walk-in appointments. G. Group Tours Available ... Visit Martin Guitar .
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